We live in the millennium era, where it is all about being digital. Smartphones carry a crucial role in the lives of millennial people. People are nowadays more connected to their phones than anything else and maintain it well.

The phone case is one of the absolute accessories of smartphones that make the phone look much better. Additionally, now you can also get the customized accessory for your phone.

You can get printed phone case in minimal time to 3d print a phone case that too of your choice. Some people think it is a task of longer duration. We are stating some of its aspects.

3d printing

Duration of 3d printing over a phone case

The duration of a 3d printer takes to print a phone case varies mainly; it can be 30 minutes and even seven days and more. The reason behind this unidentified duration is the dictation of several factors for printing a part.

Part size of the object plays an essential role in printing duration if the object is taller and present in horizontal shape, then the duration would be lesser.

Nevertheless, if you are getting printed over a vertical object, then it will surely consume more time than the other one.

So this was a brief regarding the duration of the 3D printing phone case.

phone case

The final verdict

From the details mentioned above, we can easily state to the fact that it is convenient for you to choose the customized accessory for your phone. In addition, it is good to understand that 3d printing small parts don’t require much time that it is thought.

It is an easy procedure to go through, and you can surely be considerate about it for uplifting the look of your phone. You can surely consider the details stated above in the article while getting one for you.